A new range of designer products and customize products (lighting, store fixtures, office and residential products, decoration items, etc)
    Solar energy and wind mill project. Working on energy projects on commercial and Government levels.
    Manufacturing and trading of textile products.

JR Enterprises Ltd., has always been the pioneer in the manufacturing and trading business. We promise our customers the top quality service in laser cutting, machining, and fabrication, scrap metal, and customize projects, energy, trading and logistics across all parts of the World.

We have our in house expert team who delivers high quality
and on time delivery of the services mentioned above. JR Enterprises Ltd has already made its footprints in many countries. To name a few Canada, India, USA, South Africa, U.A.E.


AUGUST - 2011

J.R.Enterprises Ltd feel product to let our customers know that we are certified pressure vessel manufacturers now. We are providing our services to power generation sectors.

J.R.Enterprises Ltd is moving to bigger facility to provide our customers with more services and by handling bigger projects.

J.R.Enterprises ltd has stepped in construction and real estate sector in North America and Asia. Update will be available soon.



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